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Reach Trustee Services (RTS) is company formed with the sole purpose of providing specialist REACH-related services to the chemicals’ and related industries.

The principals of the company each have over 20 years experience in either the chemicals industry, chemicals’ regulations or IT service provision and web-based software development. With expert knowledge in REACH regulations, SIEF management and supply chain communication RTS has developed this purpose designed tool to communicate product composition and volume information through the supply chain without disclosing confidential business information (CBI) or infringing competition (antitrust) laws.

This service provides a unique opportunity for non-EU manufacturers of chemicals to support their downstream customers wishing to export products containing these sponsored chemicals into the EU. RTS provides added value to both chemical manufacturers and downstream users thereby strengthening supplier/customer relationships and supply chain communication.

RTS software was developed in collaboration with leading chemical companies and is hosted by the largest and most reliable internet service provider enabling a reliable and robust service to be delivered at low cost.

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